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Genome Login not working

I am trying to use the dummy user login using the credentials - "test-user-1" & "genomelink.io".

I am following the articles https://genomelink.io/developers/docs/tutorial-oauth-example/ using a node.js server.

However I get this error "Forbidden The server understood the request but refuses to authorize it."


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    Thank you for trying out the tutorial.


    I've just git cloned, configured and launched then it seems it works on my env. So, could you double-check that you've configured properly as written in the tutorial, ie,

    On web console:

    Set redirect uris
    - ``

    Set scopes (whitelists) in "Authorization scopes" panel
    - `report:eye-color`
    - `report:beard-thickness`
    - `report:morning-person`

    On your command line:

    Export env vars

    and then run your app. If it doesn't work, tell me your username of GENOME LINK. We'll investigate further.


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    I think i did the same. Still let me try it again with a fresh clone. Will let you know either way. Thanks for your prompt reply. Really helps.

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    It is working now. It seems my account has been blocked. I just needed to created a new account using my other email account.

    Is there any chance that I can get my account(username: manish-dwibedy) fixed?

  • Manager   •   over 5 years ago

    Great. I'll send an email to your GENOME LINK account.

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