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Is only allowed as callback url?


I've set up an app (app name: my-node-app, username: mgtheboss) with callback url as, https://project-name.glitch.me:3000/callback. I'm running the app on glitch, not on local machine. I'm getting the error described here, https://support.glitch.com/t/error-on-callback-url/2999. Is only allowed as callback url? I appreciate the cooperation of forum members.

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    Thanks for your feedback.

    > Is only allowed as callback url?

    No. You can set any other URLs which you are hosting.

    It seems `https://project-name.glitch.me:3000/callback` is not reachable at the moment. In the OAuth flow, this callback endpoint needs to be reachable because users will be redirected to this endpoint after they logged in GENOME LINK.

    Hope this helps!

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